ooc: Morning all! I can’t believe i’m up this early (6am) and it isn’t even a school day, ridiculous. I’m not in the best of shape (slightly bad stomach which is why i awoke in the first place but hey what are you goin’ to do). Anyways seems i wont be on tonight (prom) i’ll make up for tonights absence by rping this morning.

So on that bombshell does anyone want to RP? :) 

→ Mar 30 2012 / PERMALINK

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    Hell yes!!! What do you want to have them do?
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    haha omg, good timing then. i reckon i need some love too. :P Do you want to rp? :)
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    OOC: Hey Jessie! From where are you again? OH AND OMG HAVE FUN AT PROM! :D